The first thing you’ll notice about the Wet Hot American Summer revamp is all the familiar faces, and if you’re a tad bit obsessive like me you’ll want to know just how many original actors from the 2001 movie got called up to appear in the new Netflix series. Well, by the title of this post, it’s obviously 25, and there are some hidden gems.

First, the list of actors reprising their roles from the cult-classic film:

Janeane Garofalo–Beth

David-Hyde Pierce–Henry Newman

Michael Showalter–Coop

Marguerite Moreau–Katie

Michael Ian Black–McKinley

Zack Orth–J.J.

A.D. Miles–Gary

Paul Rudd–Andy

Christopher Meloni–Gene

Molly Shannon–Gail von Kleinenstein

Ken Marino–Victor Kulak

Joe Lo Truglio–Neil

Amy Poehler–Susie

Bradley Cooper–Ben

Marisa Ryan–AbbyBernstein

Elizabeth Banks–Lindsay

Kevin Sussman–Steve

Peter Salett–Guitar Dude

Judah Friedlander–Ron von Kleinenstein

H. Jon Benjamin–Can of Vegetables

That’s all for role reprisal, but here are some actors that got called back that you may have missed:

Remember Henry Newman’s lovable band of misfits from the movie who help save the rec hall from the falling piece of Skylab? Well, some of those misfits came back as punks that hearkened back to their original roles:

Christoper Cusumano–Played the medieval nerd in the movie, plays a medieval punk in the series

Kevin Thomas Conroy–Played the mork nerd in the movie, plays mork nerd in series

Gabriel Millman–Played the caped nerd in the movie, plays the head punk in the series

All three punks get blown up by Jon Hamm’s character, Falcon, in aconvenience store.

Also, David Wain (co-writer/creator with Showalter) appeared in the movie as Paco, while Kerri Kenney played his wife. In the series, Wain is back as Yaron–a main character opposite Coop, both of whom are after the same girl. Kerri Kenney has a brief appearance as the real estate agent who helps find Dr. Newman his cabin for the summer in the Netflix prequel.


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